We offer not only logbook servicing in Cairns, but also general vehicle servicing. We offer two types of general vehicle servicing – a minor service and a major service. For older vehicles, minor vehicle services should be undertaken a couple of times per year, with a major service every year or so. For cars that are used off-road or under other extreme conditions, this should be done more often.

By servicing your car, you ensure that everything is functioning as it should, which will keep you and your passengers safe on the road. A service consists of one of our highly qualified mechanics checking crucial areas of your vehicle – such as the engine, brakes and suspension and other important parts – to identify and fix any issues. This not only helps your car continue to run smoothly for longer, but also identifies any small problems before they become serious. Vehicle’s with full service histories are also worth more when you want to sell or upgrade them, so that’s a bonus!
We only use high quality aftermarket components to maximise your vehicle’s reliability without costing you a fortune.

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